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Kant as pessimist?

Kant as depressive pessimist – Why? "my flat and narrow chest." His final word: "Enough…" @kantpapers @KantQuotes — Hope & Optimism (@hopeCornellND) September 6, 2015


Kant…the deep house musician, not the philosopher. Still, not bad background while reading the Critique. @KANTMUSIC — Andrew @KantPapers (@kantpapers)  

The market for Kant papers

Apparently at least some papers on Kant are worth $9.95 per page… (graders beware)

New Events tab

We’ve added an “Events” page (see tab above) that will keep track of any events posted on PhilEvents that have “Kant” in the title or as one of the tags…


Welcome to  This site provides an alternate look at the papers and books listed in the “Kant” category at  We’re grateful to David Bourget and David Chalmers for their encouragement (and for helping to set up the feed). In addition to providing new ways of seeing the information on the philpapers database, Kantpapers […]