About Kantpapers

Powered by PhilPapers, focused on Kant.

KantPapers was created by undergraduate research assistants at Cornell (especially David Frost, Benjamin Carter, and Steven Otterman).  Our goal, with PhilPapers' blessing, was to create an "alternate look" for the Kant bibliography on the PhilPapers.org website, and to supplement it with various Kant-oriented materials, news, and links.  The editors listed on the front page of this site are the editors of the various categories on PhilPapers itself.  If you'd like to volunteer to edit one or more of the sub-categories, you can do so here.

We hope you find this alternate look useful.  Please feel free to send feedback!


(This is a word cloud of the Meiklejohn translation of the Critique of Pure Reason, courtesy of Many Eyes.)